What Is CBN? How to Use CBN For Sleep and Its Benefits

A sound night of sleep is very important after an eventful day. It has both physical and mental benefits. It refreshes our body and restores energy.

If you do not sleep well, you don’t feel energetic. It also affects your creativity.

Sleep is so complex, yet necessary. Many people cannot sleep peacefully at night. They spend hours at night waiting to fall asleep. This condition is called insomnia.

CBN (cannabinol) can help you with this condition. CBN is gaining popularity in the health and wellness industry as a sleep aid supplement.

Insomnia patients who took CBN have reported sleeping better. And, no side effects were noted.

The article aims to inform you about-

  • What is CBN
  • how to use CBN for sleep
  • Benefits of CBN
  • does CBN make you high and other FAQs

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What Is Cannabinol?

Cannabinol (CBN) is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in the hemp and cannabis plants that can help you relax and get some sleep. 

CBN mainly binds to our CB2 receptors. It has relaxing and sedating effects that get you to sleep and keeps you there. 

Users often report a calming effect that leads to sleepiness. CBN also has the potential to 

  • help regulate the immune system
  • relieve pain and inflammation, 

all while you sleep, and all naturally. 

What is The Difference Between CBD and CBN?

By now, nearly everyone has heard of CBD. But you may wonder-

  • What does CBN mean
  • what is CBN good for
  • and what’s the difference between CBD and CBN
What is The Difference Between CBD and CBN
What is The Difference Between CBD and CBN?

CBD and CBN are both cannabinoids found in hemp.

CBD makes up about 20% of the hemp plant. CBD extraction involves isolating the chemical compound from the surrounding plant material. 

On the other hand, CBN makes up only around 1% of the hemp plant’s mass. It results from THC’s natural degradation over time. 

The THC that turns into CBN is naturally found in the hemp plant but found only in 0.3% or lower quantities. This conversion is natural. But it also occurs in a lab when exposed to heat and oxidation. 

Cannabinol is difficult to produce. But with all the CBN benefits still under review, it is worthwhile.

How to Use CBN for Sleep

Like CBD, CBN is also available in various forms. You can select any of them that you find comfortable. 

1. CBN Oil for Sleep

Currently, the most recommended way to take CBN is in an infused oil combined with CBD. It is sold in liquid form, ideally in a glass bottle. 

A tincture or oil is a highly concentrated extract of CBD/CBN. 

It absorbs easily into the blood vessels in your mouth and acts quickly.

We recommend taking CBN tincture for sleep 15-20 minutes before bedtime. 

You may need to play around with your dose until you find what works for you. Everyone is different and absorbs CBD and CBN uniquely. 

To use the oil, 

  • measure your dose 
  • put the oil under your tongue 
  • hold for 90 seconds to two minutes for maximum effect. 

2. CBN Gummies for Sleep

CBN for sleep gummies is a good option for people adverse to oils. Along with good sleep, it relaxes your mind.

They take longer to work as they have to go through the digestive process. 

If you choose to go with gummies, take them 60-90 minutes before bed. Some gummies contain THC. So, read the labels or talk to your budtender if you are looking for THC-free CBN. 

3. Nano CBN Bath

Drawing a CBD/CBN-infused bath can

  • calm the mind and body, 
  • reduce inflammation, 
  • soothe pain 
  • and improve blood circulation 

All these result in sound sleep. 

Nano-CBD/CBN baths are unlike any other bath you have ever taken. Don’t underestimate this powerful relaxation tool. 

Make sure the bath salts or bath bombs are made with Nano-encapsulated CBD as it is 

  • water soluble 
  • and will absorb into your skin to provide the most relief. 

Nano CBN baths are a great option for those who may want to avoid oral CBD/CBN. It is also a fabulous source of relief for all body aches and menstrual pain. 

How Does CBN Help Sleep?

CBN is becoming popular among people with sleep problems. It is a proven fact that CBN is very effective as a sedative. and the effectiveness of cannabinol for insomnia is proven. However, we don’t know how it works.

CBN works as an anti-inflammatory agent. It also reduces psychological arousal associated with pain and stress. Thus, CBN makes it easier to sleep.

Among the major cannabis compounds, CBN is the most powerful sedative. CBN infused with CBD can provide even better results. 

CBD helps you get mood stability. It also gives you relief from pain and inflammation and CBN provides relaxation by reducing anxiety.

This allows you to sleep faster and for a longer period of time.

Why Is Sleep Important?

Some people do not take insomnia seriously. Some find it useful. They think they can work more at night. This is a huge mistake. 

Why is Sleep Important
Why is Sleep Important

Sleep helps you recover. It gives relief to your brain and heart. If you do not sleep properly, you have a high risk of:

  • cardiovascular disease
  • elevated blood pressure
  • Obesity
  • Stroke

Sleep is also important for learning and memorization. Lack of sleep hampers your concentration and clear thinking. 

Sleep also helps your immune system. During your sleep, a particular type of immune cells become more active. Research shows that you can get colds and other infections.

So you can see that lack of sleep causes many problems. This makes CBN more beneficial for you. It helps you get proper sleep and reduces these risks.  

What Causes Insomnia?

What Causes Insomnia
What Causes Insomnia

Now you know the importance of sleep. Let’s see what hampers your sleep.

1. Anxiety And Stress

Anxiety is a strong obstacle to your sound sleep.

Think about going to bed with a fear of losing a business contract. Or, you are worried about the health of your family members. Or, let’s say you have an important appointment the next day.

Such thoughts make you anxious. You want to sleep to get rid of them. But they won’t let you sleep. 

To go to sleep, you need to calm your nerves first. That is when CBN comes in handy. It gives a relaxing sensation, making it easy to sleep.

2. Medical Conditions

A sound sleep helps you have a sound body. But if you are already ill, you cannot enjoy a sound sleep. For example, pain and inflammation often do not let you sleep. Other diseases like diabetes, asthma, and cancer also cause insomnia.

CBN has properties that help chronic pain and inflammation. It also has anti-cancer and anti-diabetes properties. You can still enjoy the benefits of CBN for sleep.

3. Mental Health Disorders

Mental disorders such as PTSD hamper your sleep. You feel afraid to be alone. You fear someone may harm you when you sleep. Such things happen because of traumatic experiences in the past.

CBN and CBD mixture can help you. CBD helps your PTSD condition and CBN provides you with sleep.

You can see that CBN can help you get rid of these causes. That is why a lot of people now prefer CBN for insomnia.

Symptoms of Insomnia

Insomnia has many symptoms. All of them actually result from lack of sleep. These symptoms include:

  • Having trouble falling asleep at night
  • Overnight waking
  • Not feeling rested after a good night’s sleep
  • Tiredness or sleepiness during the day
  • Anger, depression, or anxiety
  • Difficulties paying attention, concentrating, or remembering
  • Errors or accidents have increased.
  • Sleep concerns persist

Benefits of Using Cannabinol

CBN is still new to medical science. Already experts have discovered many health benefits of CBN. Here are 6 benefits of cannabinol:

Benefits of Using Cannabinol
Benefits of Using Cannabinol

1. Improves Sleep Condition

We have already talked about this in the earlier part. But let’s say again, CBN is one of the best sedatives available currently.

Drugs in the major leagues, like Valium and Ambien are effective at inducing sleep. But they can quickly become dangerous and addictive. 

So safe sleep alternatives are critical in this age of increasing stress, anxiety, and insomnia. 

However, CBN does not have addiction effects. It provides you with natural sleep and you do not become dependent. More and more people are preferring to use cannabinol for sleep.

2. Relief from Pain

A 2019 study found that CBN and CBD mixture decreases muscle sensitization. The researchers suggest that CBN could be a good solution for chronic pain. CBN interacts with neurons that send pain signals so reducing the signals, reduces pain. 

3. Reduces Glaucoma Effects

Glaucoma refers to optic nerve damage that connects the eye to the brain. It is a common eye problem. This leads to blindness. High pressure on the eye is the main cause of this condition.

As Glaucoma is related to the nervous system, CBN can help. Some researchers claimed that CBN can reduce the pressure on the nerve.  CBN showed better results than CBD and THC in treating Glaucoma.

4. Improves Bone and Skin Health

CBN activates stem cells in bones and creates new bone cells. It can also be used for osteoporosis and bone weakness.

CBN also reduces the overgrowth of skin cells. Skin overgrowth can sometimes result in skin tumors.

5. Anti Cancer

More research is yet to be conducted. But early research is showing that CBN can help reduces the overgrowth of cells causing cancer.

CBN reduces tumor size in one kind of lung cancer. Maybe in the coming days, we will find a remedy for cancer. Who knows?

6. Hunger Stimulant

Cancer treatment sometimes leads to loss of hunger. The loss of hunger weakens the patient’s body. CBN is a good and natural hunger stimulant.

FAQs About Cannabinol

There are some frequently asked questions about CBN. We are answering them for you here. 

Does CBN make you high?

Existing research has not found any intoxicating effect of CBN. It does not make you high either.

CBN isolation process filters all secondary cannabis components. That includes:
* other cannabinoids, 
* flavonoids, 
* terpenes 
* and inactive compounds. 

This results in a flavorless and odorless final product. and it contains at least 99% CBN concentration and zero THC. 

When to Take CBN?

CBN is best known as a sedative. So, you should take it at night before bedtime. Avoid taking CBN for day naps as you may wake up groggy. 

How much CBN should I take to Sleep?

Start slow. CBN is more potent than most other cannabis. Therefore, you should always start with a small dose.

Most people use 5 mg of CBN 1 hour before going to bed.

Or, you can take 1 or 2 gummies, depending on the potency. Not more than that.

Should I take CBD and CBN Together?

CBN can work better if mixed with CBD. especially if you have a mental disorder. 

You can take them together for better results. However, it is better to know why you want to use CBN. Do you have chronic pain or any kind of mental disorder? If yes, take both CBD and CBN.

Where to Buy the Best CBD & CBN Product

If you want to enjoy your life then better sleep is more important for it.

If you suffer from insomnia, CBN products will help you sleep better. Cowgirl Soss is always here to get the best CBD & CBN Products for sleep.


You need sleep to survive. It is a peaceful way to gain energy. Not getting enough sleep is a big problem and can affect your health.

CBN has many health benefits. You do not have to wonder anymore how to use CBN for sleep, do you? So, choose the one you like.  Try it yourself and experience the results. 


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