Benefits of Nano CBD Bath: Relief From Stress, Pain & Inflammation

What is better than a warm bath to reduce anxiety and fatigue? A warm bath can ease your stiff muscles and lead to a great day or a good night’s sleep. 

Adding some CBD bath salt can improve your experience. It will relax your body, mind, and soul. However, do you know why most pricey CBD bath bombs fail?

The majority are made with CBD that only dissolves in oil. And you bathe in water. Isn’t that funny? To get the benefits of CBD, you need the CBD to enter your body. Standard CBD bath salts or bath bombs are difficult to enter your body.

Nonetheless, there is a better option for you. Nano CBD bath salt. It can easily enter your body through your skin. And the effects are simultaneously mind-blowing and sublime.

If you wonder whether nano CBD bath salt is better than regular CBD, this article is for you. The article features:

  • What is nano CBD?
  • Is nano CBD better than regular CBD?
  • Nano CBD bath salt benefits
  • How to use nano bath salt
  • Best Nano CBD bath salt for you

Let’s dive in.

What Is Nano CBD?

You can get an idea from the name. Nano CBD refers to tiny CBD particles created with a high-tech method. As the particles are so tiny, the surface area of the CBD molecules increases. So, the bioavailability of the product increases. 

What Is Nano CBD?
What Is Nano CBD?

Bioavailability expresses how much CBD that you consume, or absorb, gets into your bloodstream. Higher bioavailability indicates a faster and stronger effect.

You can measure the quality of CBD products through bioavailability.  

Is Nano CBD Better Than Regular CBD?

CBD has some positive effects on your health, even in its standard form. However, you should choose nano CBD when using CBD as a bath salt. 

Is Nano CBD Better Than Regular CBD?
Is Nano CBD Better Than Regular CBD?

Nano CBD goes through the process of manipulating materials at a molecular level. As the particles are broken into nanoparticles, your body easily absorbs them.

As regular CBD particles are much larger, they are not fully consumed by your body when used as a bath salt. 

CBD particles are generally hydrophobic. It means they resist water. Additionally, it interacts with lipids, fats, and other oily proteins in your cells. So it is difficult for your stomach to absorb CBD in standard form.

On the other hand, nano CBD particles are tiny. They quickly dissolve in water. It can enter your blood cells without getting absorbed by fatty tissues in your stomach. It passes through the lining of your gastrointestinal tract and produces better results.

In a few words, nano CBD is more effective than regular CBD as it gets 100% absorbed by your body.

Nano CBD Bath Salt Benefits

A hot bath infused with nano CBD can improve your experience. Here are the benefits of taking a hot bath with nano CBD:

Nano CBD Bath Salt Benefits
Nano CBD Bath Salt Benefits

1. Relief from Inflammation

Inflammation is the root of all skin problems. Using CBD salt in your hot bath can give you relief from inflammation.

Heat dilates our blood cells. As a result, the absorption of CBD increases. Nano CBD enters your body and reduces inflammation.

2. Reduces Pain

CBD works great in reducing Pain. You can take a hot bath with CBD bath salt to get relief from various types of Pain. It can be arthritis, chronic Pain or sore muscles. CBD can help you with any of these conditions.

3. Menstrual Cramps:

If you experience painful periods, then take a hot bath with CBD bath salt. It will reduce your Pain.

4. Reduces Skin Dryness

CBD regulates oil production for your skin. It helps your skin stay moist. CBD has antibacterial properties that moisturize your skin naturally. Dry skin often leads to eczema. Use nano CBD salt in your bath to get rid of skin dryness.

5. Prevent Acne

We know how much everyone hates Acne. It can make you feel self-conscious in front of others. Using nano CBD in your bath can help treat and prevent Acne. 

6. Makes You Calm and Relaxed

CBD interacts with your Endocannabinoid System. ECS is a network of nerves and receptors. This system affects our levels of stress and anxiety. CBD keeps your ECS activated and helps you relieve stress.

You feel calm and relaxed. CBD can also help you with:

  • increasing focus
  • fatigue reduction
  • better sleep promotion

8. Strengthen the Nervous System

CB1 and CB2 are parts of the central nervous system. CBD has an impact on these two receptors. A sensation of ease spreads through your nerves. You feel better.

CB1 controls  Serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter. People with depression have a lower level of serotonin. CBD makes CB1 produce more serotonin and makes you feel better. Even when you are dealing with depression.

9. Ensures Sound Sleep

A sound sleep at night keeps you fresh for the whole day ahead. But often you cannot get a decent sleep. Pain, inflammation, stress, etc., are responsible for it.

Taking a nano CBD hot bath can help you. CBD can ease anxiety, Pain, and inflammation. Moreover, it also makes you calm and free of stress. As a result, you can go to bed with a light heart and body. It leads you to sleep soundly.

How to Use Nano CBD Bath Salt

To get the best result, follow the below instructions:

  • First, measure how much salt you need.
  • Secondly, fill up your bathtub with hot water.
  • Next, pour the salts in while the water is running.
  • Now get in the bath and enjoy.
How to Use Nano CBD Bath Salt
How to Use Nano CBD Bath Salt

Best Nano CBD bath salt for you

You will find many CBD bath salts on the market. However, as mentioned above, your body finds it difficult to absorb them. Therefore, you need to use nano CBD bath salt.

Best Nano CBD bath salt for you
Best Nano CBD bath salt for you

Soaking Salts SOSS™ Nano CBD Bath is the best option for you. It will take you to the most divine calm you have ever known.

The product is a combination of:

  • Cutting-edge Nano CBD
  • Purifying Dead Sea Salt
  • Detoxifying French clay
  • Mineral-rich Epsom Salt and
  • Scents of lavender and chamomile

SOSS™ Soaking Salts Nano CBD Bath is produced by Cowgirl Soss which has a reputation as the best CBD company in Colorado, USA. Cowgirl Soss collects only premium quality American hemp to ensure its product quality. 


Adding CBD bath salt to your hot bath makes it relaxing and comfortable. However, nano CBD benefits are more reassuring. It ensures that your body is absorbing all the CBD you are consuming, and so you get the best result.



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