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The Best CBD Company in Colorado

COWGIRL SOSS™ is family owned and operated since 2018.  

We are passionate about helping people and animals.  

Everything we make is derived from locally grown hemp, carefully sourced mushrooms, and curated rare botanicals and terpenes from around the world.  We work hard to be the “Best in the West,” and your choice for plant-based medicines, natural health and holistic lifestyle products.

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Our Story

A Love of Health and Wellness

Hello from Paul and Tonya. We are proud co-founders of Cowgirl Soss™, a Colorado-based cannabinoid and plant-based health and wellness company.  

We are committed to help you look, feel and live better by ditching habit forming pills and drugs, and embracing natural medicines that are safe and effective and inexpensive.

Our lives together started over after 20+ marriages ended, leading us to happiness in a new relationship. The business project began as a self-indulgent experiment testing cannabis infused “personal lubricant” products during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown (it was a tough job, but someone had to do it!). When we shared our home-made lube creation with friends they all went crazy for it and asked for more!  So we decided to share Sex Soss® with the world.

Our experience working with a Colorado farmer and Boulder scientist to finalize and manufacture Sex Soss® led us to experiment, test and bring to life more plant-based remedies for  “ailments and desires” that we all experience everyday.

Today we make and sell a well-rounded line of products that alleviate common issues like sore muscles and joints, poor sleep, stress, pain management, sports performance, and even the occasional hang-over. We have a special CBD product for pets too; it tastes like bacon!

The name “Cowgirl” comes from a deep attachment to western independence, freedom and naturalism. And the Soss™ surname is a purposeful misspelling of “sauce” based on Tonya’s love of cooking, and the opportunity to trademark the brand. We embrace natural medicines over pharmaceutical drugs because we value sustainable self-care and health care whenever possible. It’s a philosophy and lifestyle and we love sharing with our family and friends and loyal customers.

We playfully call ourselves “Cowboy” and “Cowgirl” in marketing and social media. In the real world we are hard-working, busy parents of five children, a dog, cat and seven chickens! We love to garden, entertain and travel to art and music festivals in our camper and teach people the power of medicinal plants. We both play competitive tennis, which is where the Sore Soss idea was born, and we are long-suffering insomniacs (Sleep Soss and PM Soss), and everyone we know still loves the “original” formulation….. Sex Soss™!

Here at Cowgirl Soss™ we are committed to the highest safety and health standards. Every single ingredient, in every Soss™ product is tested numerous times throughout our production and manufacturing process. There is a “chain of custody” for all our raw ingredients, so you know there is no chance of contamination or unnatural materials.

Each batch of hemp is guaranteed organically grown (mostly in Colorado), and each kilogram of isolate is tested individually to guarantee it is THC free. Final product formulations are third party lab tested for microbial and potency. We label every bottle with a batch number or QR code so you know exactly what you’re getting and putting into your body.

Cowgirl Soss Booth

We love to travel and meet new people!  From hurricane-force winds in the Montana mountains to freezing cold outside Holiday Bazaar in the City of Denver, we have been there and done that with our booth!

Our laid-back, friendly sales demeanor is comforting and welcoming for guests and pets. 

We love helping people by sharing our deep knowledge of hemp and alternative natural remedies.

Why choose Cowgirl Soss™ CBD?

When you’re searching for the best Colorado CBD products, you have a wide selection to choose from. What makes Cowgirl Soss different from the others?

Woman-Owned Company

Cowgirl Soss is woman-owned and family run. When buying anything for OUR business, we support other small businesses because they are particular about the products they represent.  Anyone can tell the difference between someone who cares about their brand and a rote large company churning out products for maximum profit.

We are a small and proud company and have full control of our ingredients, manufacturing and product line. Your purchase from us means you’re supporting a local, woman-owned CBD business that CARES about your wellness. We are proud to be providing Colorado’s best CBD products and look forward to making an even bigger impact in the CBD industry as it matures.

Natural Attitude Towards Health

We value life and having fun while living. We believe that natural medicine is better and always trust and recommend using plant remedies for our own physical and mental issues before turning to prescription drugs.  

We are Athletes too

Long gone are the days in our 20s when we slept easily, woke up refreshed, and recovered from workouts in 24 hours. We are older now and sometimes wake up sore and grouchy just like you do. Competitive tennis training and matches can wear someone out physically and mentally, and the recovery is much longer than it used to be. We have created specialty cbd products for athletes, that really help us recover and focus on the work day ahead. And, we personally use them every day. My favorites for recovery are Soak Soss, our nano-CBD bath soak, Sore Soss, our CBD version of “Icy Hot” and 5280 Soss, the highest potency oral oil we make, really helps calm down inflammation and work out discomfort.  

We are Obsessed with Dogs

I am a self proclaimed “dog freak”. I was born an animal lover and that has not, nor will it ever change. The one thing that has changed is that we are now in a position to help animals in need, and we do. We have fostered over 20 puppies in the past year and it is one of the most rewarding aspects of my life. Most puppies are brought to Colorado from kill shelters in Texas and New Mexico. The organization, A Friend of Jack Rescue, finds dogs and puppies on euthanasia lists and transports them to Colorado where foster families like us take them in and care for them until they are adopted. A Friend of Jack Rescue is a fabulous organization that is always looking for new foster families as well as donations. They are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that relies solely on donations to keep the doors open. Donate here.

We consider animals family and design our pet products with human grade ingredients, and always THC free. We believe pets deserve the best quality ingredients available and we care about your animals and want them to stay comfortable and relaxed, the all-natural way. We guarantee the best quality possible and 0.0% THC, because keeping your dog safe is our top priority! 

We love equestrians and horses!

We sponsor a few incredible barrel racers and they let us know there was a need for CBD oil in the equine community, so we acted fast and created custom CBD oil for horses. Horses often experience stress, soreness and stiffness, just like humans. One of our barrel racer’s horse, Sweetwater Jessamine, would not rear into the trailer without agitation. We created a 9,000 mg CBD isolate and MCT oil for “Jesse,” and, after a few doses, “Jesse” rears in the trailer with no issues. 

Equines experience a host of health challenges including stress, stress, soreness, stiffness, laimness, immune and digestive problems and skin issues, to name a few. Some equestrians give CBD to improve the animal’s overal health and quality of life or to help speed up recovery after vigorous exercise. You can give horses CBD formulated for humans and household pets, but, horses are huge animals and require higher doses of CBD than our dogs or we do. That level of potency is difficult to find on your average CBD shelf or pet store. 

Products Designed Specifically For Your Needs

Whether you need help CBD for sleep, CBD for pain, CBD for your pets or even CBD lubricant for the bedroom, Cowgirl Soss has you covered with Colorado’s best CBD products. Cowgirl Soss has real CBD products handmade by our business family and are designed to address everyday problems and concerns for you and your pets. We ensure our CBD products are created with only the best ingredients we can find to better address any concerns and to provide the best experience and outcomes possible. 

Commitment to Quality and Safety

In our opinion, one of the most important aspects of creating all natural CBD products is to ensure quality so our customers and their pets are safe from any potentially harmful chemicals or compounds. We use only superior quality oils and the purest, certified organic hemp from the finest sources in Colorado. This means that you always get the best colorado CBD products from Cowgirl Soss.

You Can Talk to a Human

We love talking to our human and pet customers, either virtually, or in person. We care about your health and are here to help. You can reach the founders of Cowgirl Soss by phone or email, text or direct message on Facebook or Instagram. We would love to hear from you.


Cowgirl Soss’s goal is to create the highest-quality cannabinoid products with a vision of providing everyone with access to plant-based wellness.

Due to our trust and enthusiasm for what CBD can do, we started this company a few years ago to raise awareness of it. For CBD products, Cowgirl Soss, the best CBD company in Denver, currently leads the market in innovation, product quality, and customer service. We make a lot of effort to provide our customers with the finest shopping experience and the highest-quality CBD at a competitive and reasonable price. 

The Best CBD You Can Trust

SOSS™ CBD products are made from certified organic hemp, grown by local family-owned farms, and third-party tested, so it is CBD You Can Trust.

Once you decide to use CBD products to ensure your wellness, You should get CBD products from a trustworthy supplier. We are completely transparent about all of our products.

To ensure that you receive the best CBD possible, the Best CBD oil company in Denver, Colorado, and in the US, Cowgirl Soss makes sure that all the CBD products are tested in laboratories by experts. Our CBD products are made from carefully grown plants, using sustainable farming practices.

The Best Retailer Offering CBD

If you’re new to the world of CBD derived from hemp, you maybe want to know about where is the best place to buy it. Cowgirl Soss is the Best CBD company in Denver,  Colorado, and in the US.

If you’re interested in incorporating CBD into your daily routine, you’ll probably be happy to know that it is offered by reputable companies like Cowgirl Soss in retail, wholesale, through online platforms and stores.

The Best White Label CBD Company

Retailers market and sell white-label products under their branding, but another company actually manufactures them. White labeling is the process by which a manufacturer decides to use a consumer’s or marketer’s branding rather than its own. Cowgirl Soss provide you with “white” unlabeled inventory to use your own branding because we are the Best White Label CBD Company in Denver, Colorado, and the US.

The Best Private Label CBD Company

We also manufacturer custom products distinctly for third party companies to sell them under their own brand name. Private labeling enables the retailer to outsource product production while offering high-end products. Cowgirl Soss performs this activity with full professionalism which makes Cowgirl Soss the best Private Label CBD Company in Denver, Colorado, and the US.


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