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CBD Wholesale Distributor Colorado and Western U.S.

Do you own a CBD business seeking a reliable CBD wholesale distributor or white label manufacturer?

CBD You Can Trust for Your Business and Customers

We know the CBD business is competitive.  Finding fresh, high-quality hemp extracts and clean safe packaged products takes time and energy.  Many CBD wholesale companies have no stock, low stock, or low-quality stale products.  Finding a fair price so you enjoy a good margin be challenging for sure.  

Go West!  Let Cowgirl manage your cultivation, extraction, and processing, freeing up your time to focus on your customers and business.  We have the highest quality organic bulk CBD, wholesale or white label products, ready to ship, and fast personalized attention and care.  

At Cowgirl SOSS™, we take pride in being a premium CBD wholesale company, dedicated to being your reliable supplier.

Beautiful in every way, our offerings begin life on Colorado pristine organic hemp farms. To us, every grain resonates with the dedication and hard work of our experts.  But it’s not just about the product. 

We understand business. We know you’re looking for consistent quality, reliability, availability, and unparalleled customer service. And that’s what we deliver! 

Quick shipping across the entire US ensures you get what you want, when you need it.  We invite you experience the world of Cowgirl Soss Organic CBD – where quality, dedication, and service come together to help your business grow and thrive.

Choose us to provide you with hand-crafted cannabinoids to use in your highest quality CBD products.  Call, text or DM us anytime to learn more about Cowgirl SOSS™  |  “Best in the West” CBD

With sincerity, -Tonya and Paul, Co-Founders

Bulk CBD Oils, Distillate and Isolate for Sale

Using our wholesale supplier program for CBD oil, you will have immediate access to our cutting-edge production techniques, industry-leading expertise, and first-rate customer support. We promise to provide genuine, top-notch service to all of our valued B2B customers. We provide the best bulk CBD Oils for sale in Denver, Colorado, and in the US.

Bulk CBD Product Descriptions:

  • CBD Isolate: The ultimate choice for purity and simplicity. Ideal for formulations that require a THC-free base, this isolate can be used in tinctures, edibles, cosmetics, and more. A favorite for those crafting pure CBD products.
  • CBD Full Spectrum Distillate: Experience the whole plant magic. Rich with cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, it’s the top pick for holistic remedies, tinctures, edibles, and topicals seeking the entourage effect.
  • CBD Broad Spectrum Distillate: All the benefits without THC. Perfect for products targeted for those who want the full experience sans THC. Think tinctures, edibles, and health supplements.
  • CBG Isolate: Known as the mother of cannabinoids, this isolate is excellent for innovative products targeting inflammation, pain, or other specific health conditions. A must-have for cutting-edge formulations.
  • CBN Isolate & Distillate: The nighttime cannabinoid. Perfect for sleep aids, relaxation formulas, and calming products. An essential for those targeting sleep and tranquility markets.
  • H4CBD: A novel cannabinoid blend offering a distinct profile for innovative formulations. Dive into uncharted territories with H4CBD.


Highest Quality CBD Wholesale Company in U.S.

Located in the cannabis and hemp capital of the world, Denver, CO, SOSS™ Wholesale CBD stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of wholesale cannabinoids and cannabidiol. Our portfolio offers a curated selection of the highest quality, lab-tested CBD and craft cannabinoid products in the U.S.  

Knowing where your wholesale CBD products are coming from is essential because not all CBD is produced with care. Building a successful company and giving your customers high-quality products requires finding a reputable company and premium CBD.

Although there are countless wholesale CBD merchants, not all of them offer CBD of the same quality. When the extract is tainted with or originates from imported hemp, you will end up with subpar, impure products that are difficult to sell.  All our hemp is grown locally with organic certification and comes with COA.

CBD Isolate wholesale Colorado and United States

As the CBD market is growing very fast worldwide, more producers and merchants are entering the market. The demand for CBD wholesale and goods containing CBD is growing along with the popularity of cannabis. If you use CBD and want to make it accessible to more people by opening a store, or if you simply want to join one of the industries that are rapidly evolving, you may be wondering and thinking about how to get started.

Unquestionably, one of the most crucial steps in creating a CBD business is locating a reliable CBD supplier who provides high-quality CBD so that you can create high-quality CBD products. Cowgirl Soss is the best CBD isolate Wholesale Company Colorado, US.

Is CBD legal in the United States? Yes. All CBD products derived from hemp are permitted by federal law. Products made from hemp are legal under the Legislation as long as their dry-weight THC content is less than 0.3 percent.

Now that you are looking for wholesale CBD to resell and are eager to launch your user-friendly website, you might feel rushed to make decisions. Knowing where your CBD is coming from is essential because not all CBD is produced with care. Building a successful company and giving your customers high-quality products requires finding a reputable brand and premium CBD.

Although there are numerous Colorado CBD distributors, not all of them offer CBD of the same quality. When the extract is tainted with or originates from imported hemp, you will end up with subpar, impure products that are difficult to sell.

Best wholesale CBD Oil Colorado

By working with us through our wholesale supplier program for CBD oil, you will have immediate access to our cutting-edge production techniques, industry-leading expertise, and first-rate customer support. We promise to provide genuine, top-notch service to all of our valued customers. We provide the best bulk pure CBD  Denver, Colorado, and in the US.

We offer CBD isolate, CBD distillate, CBD oils, hemp flower, cartridges, and a wide selection of finished CBD products, including salves, gummies, lotions, bath salts, and products for pets. 

Our craft-quality products are meticulously cultivated and manufactured in our Colorado Department of Health licensed Colorado facilities, adhering to the highest quality standards and compliance with the 2018 Hemp Act. Our commitment to excellent customer service ensures that we support businesses of all sizes, helping them succeed in the cannabis industry with top-notch ingredients.

Reliable CBD Wholesale Distributors Colorado and USA

Given that you are about to spend a significant amount of money on CBD, you may be unsure of what kind to purchase. Different CBD extracts have different cannabinoid profiles; some may only contain the isolated substance, while others may also contain THC.

As a reliable Colorado CBD wholesaler, we provide authentic information about CBD products. All of the active components present in cannabis, including flavonoids, terpenes, and THC in permissible concentrations, are present in full-spectrum CBD products (up to 0.3 percent). One common justification for choosing full-spectrum CBD products is the entourage effect hypothesis. Simply put, this is the notion that combining cannabinoids increases their potency and improves outcomes.

Broad-spectrum CBD products also contain all cannabinoids discovered in the cannabis plant, excluding THC, which has psychoactive properties. Customers who want to experience the effects of combining cannabis compounds but are looking for a THC-free substitute prefer broad-spectrum CBD products.

Transparency is paramount in establishing trust within our partnerships. When you select SOSS™ as your supplier, rest assured that we consistently adhere to best practices in hemp extract and product production. Additionally, we provide 3rd-party testing results with COA for each batch of extracts, ensuring transparency and quality assurance.

Wholesale CBD Distributors USA

Choose SOSS™ as your wholesale CBD supplier for finished goods, bulk materials, or white-label production. 

You have access to premium THC-free products and hemp derived full-spectrum isolate, distillate, finished cannabidiols and more . Our extensive range of volume CBD products is designed to kickstart your business or diversify your existing product lineup.

We stand out with a few products that most other CBD manufacturers do not have available.  Our intimacy line includes the following, which are BEST SELLERS: 

  • Sex Soss® infused personal lubricant
  • Massage Soss™ intimacy oil
  • Cowboy Cap men’s prostate health and enhancement capsules
  • Nano-encapsulated CBD Bath Salts
We, being the best full spectrum distribution Colorado, US, are happy to offer wholesale prices on the vast majority of our products. Our entire line of products is pure, natural, and affordably priced. For CBD Bulk Price, you have to buy a big amount. Starting with the first seed that is sown, we focus on quality throughout the entire production process.

FAQ of CBD Wholesale Supplier in US

Who can I contact if I need help with my order?

 If you need help or have questions BEFORE placing an order during business hours, please use Direct Message on FB or IG, or text message to 303-590-5020.  If you have placed an order and have questions or concerns, please reply to the email confirmation of your order so we have all the pertinent information available and can help you.  We answer all requests during expanded weekday business hours 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. mountain time.  

Do you ship to all 50 states? / Do you ship to all US states?

Yes, we ship anywhere to the continental U.S. We do not ship to Canada or overseas.

I’m a retailer interested in buying wholesale. Who do I contact?

Please use the FORM on the Wholesale Page or DM on Instagram.

Studies have demonstrated that CBD is an effective painkiller for a variety of chronic conditions. You should give it a try if you have chronic pain problems

Does SOSS™ offer any discounts or coupon codes?

Yes, we frequently run special promotions on our social media sites.  Please Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to be alerted to these discount codes.

CBD products for pets can lessen all types of stress, including aggression and separation stress. Pets’ health is equally important. Buy CBD for your pet

As a wholesale buyer, why should I work with Cowgirl Soss?

Whether you are looking to shelve our award winning products, white label of private label, or purchase biomass or extractions, your will appreciate our customer service, quality of product and fair pricing.

Our knowledgeable and expert members are dedicated to enhancing the well-being and health of the large animals. You can Trust on our products for animals’ well-being.

Does SOSS offer an affiliate program?

We do not currently offer an affiliate program.  We do welcome inquiries to work with brand ambassadors and brand influencers on a case-by-case basis for the benefit of our mutual valued customers/followers.  

Is there an extra charge for a custom formulation?

Yes, we charge a fee for lab time and research and development for custom product formulation.  Please call or complete the form on the Wholesale Page to learn more or get a quote.

Will CBD show up on a drug test?

No and Yes.  Products made with CBD isolate are guaranteed to be THC-free and verified by third-party testing, and will NOT show up on drug tests..  Products made with full-spectrum CBD contain trace amounts of THC, and when consumed regularly or in large quantities may be detected by industry-standard drug analysis test procedures. 

What serving size should I take?

Serving size depends on many factors, including which product you are taking (isolate or full spectrum), body weight, tolerance, and intended use.  In general, it is best to start with the lowest recommended dose and work your way up until you see the results you are looking for. 

Does CBD interact with medication?

CBD interacts with your endocannabinoid system and has the potential to interact with numerous medications.  Please consult your doctor before consuming any medicines, natural or synthetic.

CBD derived from hemp with less than .3% THC is legal in all 50 states, according to the 2018 Farm Bill. 

Will CBD get me high?

Unlike THC found in state-regulated cannabis, CBD derived from hemp has no psychoactive properties and will not make you feel “high” or inebriated. 

What are the side effects of CBD?

CBD is genereally safe and non toxic when taken in recommended doses.  The possible side effects include drowsiness, nausea, dry mouth, numbness, and possible drop in blood pressure at higher doses.

What is my minimum wholesale CBD purchase requirement?

Each SOSS has a different MOQ, In general we sell finished oils by the 5 bottle case, bulk oils and bulk isolate by the kilogram, and biomass by the pound or ton.

How do I place my orders?

Retail orders are taken online or over the phone.  Wholesale orders are all custom orders. Account holders may email or call to order and request invoice which must be prepaid.

How quickly will my orders ship?

Retail orders are shipped every day if received by 3 p.m. Mountain time.  Wholesale orders are generally shipped within two days depending on the quantity and available inventory.  Special orders will be quoted when placing the order

How much do you charge for shipping?

We pass along direct shipping costs using either USPS or UPS, we do not mark-up shipping.

Do you offer drop shipping?

We offer drop shipping for preapproved retail accounts only.  To set up online sales with drop shipping please the Wholesale Account form.

Do you ship outside the United States?

No, we only ship to the continental U.S.

Are all your CBD and THC products available at wholesale prices?

Yes, all our CBD products are available wholesale.

What is the wholesale return policy?

We accept returns for damaged or incorrect product sales only. 

Is your hemp grown in the US?

Yes, 100% of our hemp is grown in the U.S., mostly in Colorado and New Mexico.

I’m a grower and I’d like to start supplying you with hemp flower. How can I do that?

We are currently not accepting new growers, but please feel free to send us a message, it may change in the future.

What Is Your Wholesale Agreement?

You must have a valid EIN, shipping address, and sales tax license to purchase wholesale from SOSS.  Our complete wholesale agreements will be sent to you upon approval of your application to purchase. 

How Much Does It Cost To Ship Wholesale Orders Of CBD?

Shipping costs are calculated for each order by size and weight and the direct cost from USPS or UPS is passed along to the customer.  We do not mark up shipping costs.

Why Should I Purchase CBD Wholesale From Cowgirl Soss?

Quality products, excellent customer service, and fair prices.

Do you White Label Your Brand or Products?

Yes, we sell all our products except Sex Soss® as white label “blank” packaging.  We can apply your labels during the manufacturing process for an additional fee.

Do You Offer A Return Policy Or Warranty For Wholesale CBD Orders From Cowgirl Soss?

All our products are guaranteed for quality and purity.  We accept returns on wholesale purchases for damaged goods only.

What is the difference between hemp and marijuana?

Hemp and marijuana are both from the cannabis sativa plant family.  Hemp is grown specifically for a low THC content and marijuana is grown specifically for a high THC content.

Are your products organic or vegan friendly?

Yes, our hemp is sourced only from certified organic farms. Some of the extraction processes include alcohol or solvents, please refer to each product individually for accurate information.

I have a gluten allergy, can I take your products?

All our products are gluten free. 

What percent of CBD is in your products?

Each of our products has a different makeup of CBD and other cannabinoids. Read the label and the test results to learn about the potency and ingredients.

How do I return a product?

Retail sales products may be returned if you are not satisfied by calling 303-590-5020.

How does CBD work?

 Are your products third-party tested?

Yes, all our products are tested by a third party and the results are displayed on our website.

How should I store my CBD products?

CBD should be stored out of direct light in a cool place.  CBD oils will have a longer shelf life if they are refrigerated after opening. 

Will I pass a drug test if I use your products?

CBD isolate products contain 0.0% THC and will not be detected on drug tests.  Full-spectrum CBD products contain up to .3% THC and may flag drug tests.  See individual product labels and tests to determine which you should take if you get drug tested.

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