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Cowgirl Soss™ products are made only from the purest natural raw ingredients. Nevertheless, we extensively test the materials at each stage of manufacturing to ensure you are safe from any additives or chemical reactions that may occur during transit or processing. First, we test the biomass, then we test the extracted materials, then the final product just before bottling. The final third-party COA test you see related the product you purchased can be found on our website by scanning the QR on the bottle. If there are more than one batch at a time, you can look at the batch number sticker on the bottom of the product to find the exact match. What is a Certificate of Analysis? A COA, or certificate of analysis, is a document that provides information about the chemical makeup of a product, such as the levels of CBD and THC. To read a COA for CBD and THC content, check for the following information: The name of the product: Make sure that the COA is for the specific product you are interested in. The batch or lot number: This number should match the number on the product or packaging. The date of analysis: Make sure that the COA is recent and relevant to the product you have. The testing laboratory: Look for an accredited laboratory that specializes in cannabis testing. Results for CBD and THC: The COA should provide the specific levels of CBD and THC, measured in milligrams per gram (mg/g) or percent (%). To check the level of cannabinoids in your product multiply the mg/g by the number of mg in the bottle. Additional information: Depending on the COA, it may also list other important information such as heavy metals, pesticides, and other contaminants. It’s important to note that CBD and THC are the most well-known compounds found in the hemp plant, but there are more than 100 other compounds known as cannabinoids that have their own unique properties.



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