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SEX SOSS® 500mg

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Sex Soss® is an infused personal lubricant formulated to stimulate the clitoris, increase blood flow to the vaginal walls and relax internal muscles. This intoxicating aphrodisiac blend made of 100% plant-based ingredients makes sex glorious one spray at a time and may help promote longer and stronger orgasms, and more comfortable and satisfying sex.


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3 reviews for SEX SOSS® 500mg

  1. Alethea

    Excellent goods from you, really a wonderful site.

  2. nan711 (verified owner)

    It really enhances the orgasms and is a great lubrication. Love it.

  3. Anonymous Repeat User (verified owner)

    It’s a staple in our bedroom! Heightens the sensation, making the experience mindblowing!!

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What can I expect from CBD lubrication?

After using CBD lubrication, you may experience a range of sensations depending on your individual response to the product. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Moisturizing effect: One of the main benefits of using a CBD lubricant is that it can help provide moisture and lubrication during sexual activity. You may feel more comfortable and less friction during sex.
  2. Relaxation: CBD is believed to have calming properties that can help promote relaxation and reduce stress. If you are using a CBD lubricant to help alleviate stress or stress during sexual activity, you may feel more relaxed and at ease. Consider taking CBD oil orally, in addition to the topical lube, if you need more relief from anxious feelings.
  3. Sensations: Sex Soss is designed to provide a warming or tingling sensation during use, which can enhance sexual pleasure. You may feel a warming or cooling sensation on your skin or in your genital area after applying the lubricant.

It’s important to note that the effects of CBD lubrication may vary depending on the individual, and it may take some experimentation to find the right amount to suit you and your partner. 

Can Cinnamon really enhance sexual desire and performance?

Chocolate and Oysters are known aphrodisiac foods, but, if you really want to spice up the boudoir, look no further than cinnamon. People have used aphrodisiac scents since the days of old to set the mood and increase sexual desire. In fact, it has been proven that smell has the strongest link to memory and emotion than any other human senses and certain scents can stimulate the brain to release sexual hormones.

What is it about cinnamon? Warming compounds in cinnamon give a significant libido boost by increasing blood flow, body temperature and circulation in women which is important to reach a high state of arousal.  Just a small amount of cinnamon oil applied to the erogenous zones works as an impressive sensual stimulant.

While there is limited scientific evidence to support the aphrodisiac properties of cinnamon, here are some of the ways that it is believed to enhance sexual function:

  1. Improved circulation: Cinnamon is believed to improve blood circulation, which can help improve sexual function by increasing blood flow to the genitals.
  2. Increased energy: Cinnamon is thought to have a stimulating effect on the body, which may help increase energy levels and reduce fatigue. This can be helpful for people who are feeling sluggish or fatigued and want to increase their sexual stamina.
  3. Sensory stimulation: Cinnamon has a warm, spicy aroma and flavor that can be appealing and stimulating to the senses. Some people believe that this sensory stimulation can help enhance sexual desire.

Be sure to choose products that are specifically designed for intimate use, and to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. It’s also important to be aware of any potential risks or side effects, and to discontinue use if you experience any discomfort or irritation.

How I will Get the Best Result?

To get the best results from CBD lubrication, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Choose a high-quality product: Look for a CBD lubricant that uses high-quality, pure CBD oil and other natural ingredients that are safe and effective for use on sensitive skin.
  2. Start slow: CBD affects everyone differently, so it’s best to start slow and gradually increase as needed. 
  3. Practice safe sex: Sex Soss is oil based and not compatible with latex condoms. Use other methods to prevent pregnancy or the spread of sexually transmitted infections.

It’s important to remember that CBD lubrication is a personal experience, and the results may vary depending on the individual.

Additional Information
  1. At Cowgirl Soss, we use only USA grown, non-GMO hemp grown without the use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals.
  2. We use hemp extracted by a family owned, cGMP and ISO 9001 certified facility utilizing in-house HPLC testing and cold ethanol extraction method with no residual solvents
  3. Our products are 3rd party tested by tested by an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard accredited lab in Wheatridge, Colorado
  4. Our products are pure and free of any harmful chemicals or additives, making them a safe choice for those who want to avoid synthetic ingredients. Our products contain Cannabinoids, MCT oil and natural flavoring. Nothing more. 
  5. We make our products simple and straightforward, making them an easy and accessible choice for those who are new to using CBD.
  6. All products contain less than .30% THC.


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CBD Personal Lubricant For Vaginal Dryness 500mg Clitoral Stimulator & Lubrication

SEX SOSS® 500mg


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