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CBD for Pets

More and more animal lovers and vets are exploring CBD as a natural alternative for enhancing their pets’ lifestyles, providing calm and comfort for old age ailments, fear, or separation anxiety.  Anecdotal evidence and early research look promising, but it’s still a good idea to consult a vet experienced with CBD.
Is CBD Safe for Pets?
It’s important to know that the FDA has not approved any CBD products for animals.  This means it’s the wild west out there, and many of the available products on the market are not tested for safety, purity or effectiveness. You should only buy from companies that you trust, and be very cautious of companies making unverified claims about their products.  You can be sure SOSS products are locally sourced, tested numerous times during the production process and are made specifically for animals using 0.0% THC because THC is toxic for animals even in small amounts.
Choosing the Best CBD Products for Animals
It’s best practice to research and select locally sourced high-quality CBD products for your furry friend(s).  We recommend CBD isolate only for animals instead of fulls-spectrum or broad-spectrum products because the many other cannabinoids have unknown effects on animals of different breeds and sizes.  If you’re unsure, our website and sales team can help ensure you get a product that matches its label.
Possible Side Effects
Just like humans, some animals might experience side effects like diarrhea, drowsiness, or changes in appetite. These are generally mild, but it’s good idea to talk to your vet if they continue.
CBD Products for Pets
There are many CBD options, including oils, treats, and topicals. We strongly recommend using CBD oil directly into the oral membranes of your pet.  This is MUCH more effective than the animal eating a “treat” and having the compounds pass through their digestive system.  It is also an easy and reliable to control dosing.
CBD for Pets vs. Humans
Not all CBD products are suitable for pets. Full spectrum CBD, which is generally more beneficial for humans, might contain harmful ingredients for animals. For this readon, you should always choose an isolate based pet-specific product, and follow your vet’s advice on dosage.
The Right Dosage
Finding the ideal CBD for your pet is really only achieved with some experimentation.  Your vet can recommend a starting dose, but you will likely need to adjust based in your pets reactions.


CBD’s effects can vary among animals. The goal is to see your pet healthy and happy, which is worth the effort to find the perfect CBD product to help you pet be more comfortable and calm.

Always remember, the journey to finding the best CBD solution for your pet requires patience, research, and professional guidance.  We are here to help, feel free to call, email, or use the chat to  Ask Us Anything.


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