What Is a CBD Flower? Benefits of CBD Flower

Over the last few years, the CBD industry has grown and gained popularity in the United States. The more people learn, the more eager they are to try CBD. But, truthfully, most people are not educated about cannabis and CBD and need some help. 

What is a CBD flower? It seems like a basic question; however, most people do not know what it is. We are here to help. From this article, you will learn in detail about the following:

  • What is CBD flower?
  • Background of CBD flower
  • What are the benefits of CBD flowers?
  • How to use CBD flower?

In short, you will get a complete guide on CBD flowers. So, let’s begin.

Table for Content

  • What is CBD Flower?
  • History of CBD Flower
  • How Did Hemp Flower Reach The Americas?
  • The 18th Century
  • A Prohibition on Hemp Cultivation
  • Hemp Flower For Victory
  • After The Wars
  • The Benefits of CBD Flower
    1. CBD Flower for Relief from Discomfort
    2. CBD Flower May Help Your Tension
    3. Hemp Flower May Improve Your Sleep Quality
  • How to Use CBD Flower?
    1. CBD Flower Smoking
    2. CBD Flower Vaping
    3. Cooking with CBD Flower 
    4. Using CBD Flower with Topicals
  • Where Can You Find CBD Flower?
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • References

What is CBD Flower?

CBD flower, also called CBD buds, refers to the flower of female hemp plants that contain high amounts of CBD and a very low amount of THC. Remember that cannabinoids are good for health and rarely have side effects been reported.

What is CBD Flower
What is CBD Flower

Since flowers contain a high percentage of CBD, they are a great source of it. Actually, there is CBD in any kind of sativa plant, but, the big difference is in the amount of CBD. Most plants contain CBD at such a low amount that the benefits of the plant are not available. 

In contrast, hemp plants contain a large amount of CBD. According to some studies, hemp plants contain up to 25% CBD. As do the hemp flowers. In addition, they contain very little THC, not more than 0.3%. That is the main reason why hemp flowers are getting more and more popular.

History of CBD Flower

Many people make the mistake of thinking that CBD or cannabidiol is a modern-day discovery. When, actually, it has been used in human society for thousands of years, since ancient times, surprisingly.

History of CBD Flower
History of CBD Flower

If you are interested to learn more about the detailed history of CBD and CBD flower in ancient times, check out this article that will provide you with some interesting knowledge regarding the history of CBD.

Right now, let’s focus on the background of Hemp flowers in America.

How Did Hemp Flower Reach The Americas?

For this purpose, colonization gets all the credit. Yes, it’s true. Though the colonizers mainly took goods away, they sometimes imported goods that were beneficial to them as well. 

How Did Hemp Flower Reach the Americas?
How Did Hemp Flower Reach the Americas?

Hemp flower is one such thing that the Spaniards imported into America and tried to cultivate in many parts of the Americas. Additionally, they attempted hemp cultivation in Colombia, Mexico, and Peru, but did not find much success. 

Finally, the Spaniards obtained favorable results in Chile, which is a great source of quality hemp, even today. Before the American Revolution, hemp was highly regarded. The elite class, including the founding fathers of America, were fond of hemp plants and flowers. 

Early settlers learned for themselves that they could make excellent paper, ropes, garments, shoes, and food from hemp at the beginning of the sixteenth century.

The 18th Century

By the seventeen hundreds, hemp became extremely popular in America. Even the first president of the United States, the late George Washington asked the youth to get involved in hemp cultivation. Believe it or not, the former president was so fond of hemp plants that he even mentioned it in his diary! 

Of course, Washington was not the only president who was fond of hemp. In fact, the Declaration of Independence was written on paper made of hemp! Even more, the first-ever U.S. Constitution, too, is written on hemp paper. 

At this time, Congress passed laws forcing farmers to grow hemp. Abraham Lincoln is said to have lit his home’s lamps with hemp seed oil grown by Puritans!

A Prohibition on Hemp Cultivation

We just mentioned how the U.S. president and parliament passed laws to engage more and more people in hemp cultivation.  Now, seemingly out of nowhere, the cultivation of hemp is being banned. Why?

The controversial Marijuana Tax Act, approved by the American Congress in 1937, effectively outlawed the sale of cannabis. After years of faking facts about the plant to malign immigrants from Mexico, cannabis was outlawed, including hemp. 

According to some sources, wealthy and influential families pushed for the prohibition to safeguard their earnings from other businesses that hemp’s adaptability potentially endangered.

Did common citizens join in this conspiracy? Yes, they did. Why? People in positions of authority spread rumors and propaganda about how hemp was not good for health and how it could lead to moral degradation.

Hemp Flower For Victory

Regardless of the conspiracy theories, the U.S. government continued to support and promote hemp crops because they understood that the plant offered durable materials and components that were essential to winning the war. Even a government-sponsored movie called “Hemp for Victory” was made to disseminate the notion.

Paradoxically, the U.S. had been obtaining hemp supplies from Indonesia and the Philippines previous to the war, but Japan shut off the supply routes, forcing the nation to restart domestic production. 

An interesting fact is in 1942, Henry Ford created an automobile body made of hemp fibers that were ten times stronger than steel.

After The Wars

After the Second World War, many countries banned hemp flowers, as did parts of the United States. Domestic and commercial hemp cultivation faced many pitfalls. 

The last domestic commercial hemp was planted in the United States in 1957. Significant legal and scientific advancements soon followed. Consequently, Dr. Raphael Mechoolam discovered CBD in 1963 and in 1964 and was able to distinguish it from THC. As a result, this analysis allowed the hemp plant to be viewed independently from the anti-marijuana hysteria.

Subsequently, in 1978, New Mexico enacted legislation that acknowledged CBD’s therapeutic advantages. Thankfully, the effectiveness of CBD in treating epilepsy was soon researched and approved. The 1996 California Compassionate Use Act followed, legalizing marijuana for medical use.

The Benefits of CBD Flower

CBD and hemp are legal in every state of the United States today. But the big question is, why should you consume CBD? Are there any benefits?

The Benefits of CBD Flower
The Benefits of CBD Flower

There are many benefits, actually. 

1. CBD Flower for Physical Discomfort

CBD may help if your body is suffering. CBD is a potent analgesic substance. Anecdotal evidence tells us it is successful in treating a variety of bodily discomforts. 

Hemp flower is suitable for mild to moderate discomfort. The CBD found in hemp flowers may aid in preventing the brain from receiving pain signals.  Vaping or smoking CBD flowers will give you some relief.

2. CBD Flower May Reduce Your Stress Levels

I don’t need to tell you life can be full of stress. Stress is a part of daily life for most people, and can lead to several issues if not dealt with.

The CBD found in flowers helps control the neurotransmitters that cause stress.

The CBD found in hemp flowers might be the ideal treatment for you if you’re looking for a natural way to lessen tension and stress.

3. Hemp Flower May Improve Your Sleep Quality

Sleep is an important part of life. After a stressful day, you need sound sleep to recover and energize for the next day. your energy and your freshness. For many, obtaining deep sleep is a challenge. 

So, what do you do? By interacting with the receptors that control sleep, the CBD aids in inducing drowsiness so you can sleep. It may also help you sleep more soundly by reducing the number of times you wake up during the night.

How to Use CBD Flower?

Now that you know the benefits, you may want to try CBD flower. You may wonder how to use flowers.  You can use CBD flower in various ways, but the most common method is smoking or vaping.

1. CBD Flower Smoking

Smoking CBD flowers might be the most popular method of consuming them. You may smoke CBD flowers by finding pre-rolls, rolling them yourself, or using a pipe or water pipe.

Smoking CBD flower has several advantages, including:

  • Fast action: Smoking CBD flowers can provide a quick onset of effects almost immediately. It is especially beneficial for acute symptoms and some relief.
  • Healthier Alternative to Tobacco: Smoking CBD flower may be a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco or high-THC cannabis.
  • You Get All the Benefits: If you are using CBD to get relief from discomfort, stress, you can smoke or vape CBD flower for some amount of relief.

2. CBD Flower Vaping

Many people claim that vaping and smoking are the same. However, that is not the case. Vaping CBD flower involves heating the flower in a vaporizer or vape pen to create a vapor that is then inhaled. 

Vaping is generally considered to be a healthier alternative to smoking, and it can provide fast-acting effects similar to smoking. Vaping CBD may also give you relief, just like smoking.

3. Cooking with CBD Flower 

You can use CBD flowers in the kitchen by infusing them into butter or oil and use the infusion in recipes such as baked goods or sauces.

Consuming CBD flower in foods may give you some additional benefits, such as:

  • Long-lasting effects: Consuming CBD edibles can provide longer-lasting effects compared to other methods of ingestion, as the CBD is metabolized slowly through the digestive system.|
  • Discreet: It can be a discreet way to consume CBD, as edibles do not produce any smoke or scent. If you want to keep your CBD consumption private, edibles may be your choice. 
  • Easy to use: CBD edibles come in a variety of forms, including gummies, chocolates, and baked goods, making them easy to consume and incorporate into your daily routine.
  • No lung irritation: Unlike smoking or vaping, consuming CBD flower through edibles does not irritate the lungs or respiratory system.

4. Using CBD Flower with Topicals

CBD flowers can also be used topically by infusing them into a carrier oil and using them in creams, balms, or salves. This method is generally used for localized pain or inflammation. 

Where Can You Find CBD Flowers?

You have learned the basics of CBD flower. You have learned where they came from, their benefits, and how to use them. But here comes the most important question. Where can you find CBD flowers? 

With the increasing popularity of CBD, many new companies have flourished in the last few years. But not all of them have high-quality CBD flowers.  We recommend purchasing your CBD flower from a reputable dispensary as they will have the freshest product due to the high turnover rate. Our favorite dispensary is Oasis Cannabis Superstore at 6359 E. Evans Avenue in Denver, Colorado. 

We, at Cowgirl SOSS™, are dedicated to the highest standards of health and safety. Throughout the production and manufacturing process, we test each and every ingredient in every SOSS™ product. 

All of our raw materials have a “chain of custody,” so you can be sure there is no possibility of contamination or artificial materials. Each kilogram of an isolate is tested separately to ensure that it is THC-free, and each batch of hemp is Certified Organically Grown in Colorado. 

Third-party laboratories conduct microbiological and potency tests on the final product compositions. In order for you to know exactly what you are getting and ingesting into your body, we label every bottle with a batch number or QR code.

To get the best experience from CBD flowers, you need to use the best CBD flower. And Cowgirl Soss ensures you of that.


So, what is a CBD flower? It is a good source of CBD that contains a very small percentage of THC and is beneficial to improve your life quality. You can enjoy the benefits of CBD by using flowers in the different methods mentioned in this post. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are CBD Hemp And Marijuana The Same?

No, they are not. Hemp and marijuana are two different plants, and it is a legally established fact. Marijuana contains a large amount of THC, which is psychoactive. In contrast, hemp contains mostly CBD less than .3% THC.

Is CBD Flower Legal?

Yes, CBD hemp flower is legal across all states. However, there are some added conditions in some parts of the United States. You can learn about the conditions from here.

Does CBD Hemp Flower Get You High?

No, it does not. CBD hemp flower contains very low levels of THC, the compound responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis. By law, CBD hemp flowers must contain less than 0.3% THC, which is not enough to produce a “high” or intoxicating effect.

Can You Buy CBD Hemp Flower Online?

Sure, you can purchase the best quality, organic, and premium CBD flowers online in Colorado from Cowgirlsoss.com.


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