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After completing a Bachelors of Science degree in Exercise Physiology at Chapman University and 6 years working in the Pharmaceutical industry for a major company, I have a good understanding of chronic pain, anxiety, orthopedic issues, diabetes, high cholesterol, and other disease states that many people suffer from. As a pharmaceutical sales representative, I was responsible for educating doctors, nurses, physicians assistants, nurse practitioners, clinicians and other specialists on the numerous specifications of certain prescription drugs, such as dosing, side effects, half-life, indications, contraindications, safety, efficacy and the patient population in which to use the particular medication. 

In order to accomplish this, I visited many doctor’s offices per day and witnessed very sick patients suffering from diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, blood pressure, high cholesterol complications and infections. My heart ached for these people, but learning the underbelly of the pharmaceutical corporate policies, operations and greed was eye opening and I made the moral decision to walk away from the industry. 

I have always been interested in natural, organic food and remedies. I came to know the power and efficacy of CBD in 2012 when I endured 3 shoulder surgeries in a 12 month period. I was on 30 mg of Oxycontin that barely took the edge off the pain. What the Oxycontin did do was make me nauseous, dizzy, weak and ill. I had 3 small children to take care of and needed another option. 

I found a high potency CBD tincture that changed everything. My pain was better controlled on CBD than opioids! I could sleep through the night, drive without being worried, my stomach felt better and I was able to eat. The dizziness went away. I have never touched another opioid. Personally, I avoid Ibuprofen, Tylenol and Naproxen because CBD can handle any ailments that come my way, including migraines. 

What I put into my body has always been important to me. In the last decade I have toured multiple grows and extraction labs and understand how the hemp processing works from grow to bottle. Knowing the source of hemp determines the quality of the hemp. I recommend buying only products made from hemp grown in the U.S.A. as they are tested and certified therefore safer, less expensive, better quality, grown using federal standards and help support the U.S. economy. 

Numerous extraction methods are used to obtain hemp-derived CBD oil, but some are safer than others. Simply put; the quality of the hemp oil is directly related to the botanical extraction process. The best solvent for extraction is pure ethanol, preferably USP or HPLC grade, which are the purest forms of ethanol. Top grades of ethanol are non denatured (contain no additives,) evaporate quickly and meet the goal of the final product testing solventless.

The best extraction facilities perform rigorous in-house testing during extraction and on their final cannabinoids before they are sold to a manufacturer. This testing ensures safety, quality and compliance standards are met. All test results should be available upon request by the customer. Testing transparency is the best way to maintain credibility and build trust in the competitive cannabinoid extraction world. 

I have studied and experimented with CBD and new minor cannabinoids that have worked wonders in my life. I use high potency CBD for migraines and anxiety, I use CBG for focus and concentration and it helps me with performance anxiety in tennis matches. As a long time insomniac, I use CBN to help me get to sleep and stay asleep. I use topical CBD for post exercise muscle soreness and my dog enjoys his bacon flavored CBD oil to calm his fear of the groomer.  

CBD has an important place in my and my family’s health. I believe in the power and safety of the hemp plant and I recommend you try CBD, and minor cannabinoids, for your mild to moderate health issues.

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