11 Tips For Buying CBD Products For The First Time

Imagine one morning, you switch on your TV and see that the FDA has banned the CBD product you are using. What will you do now?

Yes, it is sad that your favorite brand has been banned, but you must focus on something else now—your health. You may have been using a lousy product!

Many CBD products in the market do not even contain CBD. They are fake products. Some brands use shady marketing to trick you into buying their products and waste your money. Again, money is not the primary concern. Your health is.

You need to be careful about your health. It is the most precious possession for anyone. Don’t let a fancy fake product hamper your good health. A study shows that about 70% of CBD products are impure. 

Are you confused about what to look for while buying CBD products? Don’t worry. This article will guide you in choosing the best CBD product. Here are 10 tips for buying CBD products that you should follow to ensure quality. Stay with us till the end.

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11 Tips for Buying CBD Products

You need to follow some simple steps while buying CBD products. These tips are so simple that anyone can follow them.

11 Tips for Buying CBD Products
11 Tips for Buying CBD Products

Try these tips the first time you buy from a brand.

1. Check CBD Ingredients

You must always follow this, not just CBD products but anything you purchase. It is the number one aspect to look for when purchasing a good product.

Check CBD Ingredients
Check CBD Ingredients

So, check the ingredient list on the label. Check carefully what it contains and learn about the ingredients as well.

The best quality CBD products contain the following:

  • American grown hemp
  • Natural flavor and color
  • No synthetic dyes or artificial color
  • Natural ingredients derived from plants

2. Avoid These Ingredients

Some companies may use good base ingredients, but they also add ingredients that are harmful to you. You need to avoid those products. Here are the CBD ingredients to avoid:

Thickeners: CBD extract is naturally thick. Therefore, some companies use thickeners like Vitamin E acetate to thicken the liquid more. Vitamin E acetate has some side effects on your body such as:

  • Nausea,
  • Diarrhea,
  • Stomach cramps,
  • Tiredness,
  • Dizziness,
  • Blurred vision, and
  • Headache 

Polyethylene Glycol: If you want to purchase a CBD vape, check whether it contains Polyethylene Glycol. If yes, then leave it.

As said earlier, CBD extract is thick. Ordinary vape pens are not suitable for using thick CBD extract. So, some companies add Polyethylene Glycol. It has negative impacts on your health, including:

  • Upsetting your stomach
  • Making you feel nauseous
  • Causing gas and bloating 
  • Causing diarrhea

Parabens: Cosmetic companies use parabens to preserve their products. Some studies show that it can disrupt your hormone production. CBD oil does not require parabens. If any brand still uses it, you know what to do. Reject.

3. Check Where The Hemp Comes From

CBD source is crucial to judge the quality of CBD oil. Not every weather is suitable for hemp. In many places, hemp is cultivated where the weather is not ideal. As a result, the quality is not good.

Many CBD companies use low-quality hemp to give you the product at a cheaper rate. Don’t fall for this trap. Remember, the best quality CBD products are not cheap. You must always look for US-grown hemp as it is:

  • Tested and certified as safe
  • Proven as the best quality
  • Cultivated using federal standards

4. Learn about The Hemp Extraction Process

It may sound too hectic, but it is important. The extraction process has an impact on the quality of the product.

Several extraction processes are used. But the best extraction process is pure ethanol. You should prefer brands that use USP or HPLC, as they are the purest forms of ethanol.

5. Third-Party Testing

It is a must to check whether the CBD brand is third-party tested. It ensures that the label on the product is true.

Third-Party Testing
Third-Party Testing

CBD is gaining popularity among Americans. Many unethical companies are trying to take advantage of it. Therefore, they are selling products claiming CBD oil as an ingredient, though there is no CBD in them.

Therefore, third-party verification for CBD products is crucial. Before buying CBD oil, search for the COA certificate. COA refers to Certificate of Analysis. A third-party testing lab provides it.

The COA report mentions:

  • Reporting date (make sure it’s less than one year old)
  • Name and contact information of the Laboratory
  • Batch number,
  • Major and minor cannabinoid content
  • THC content,
  • Pesticide report and
  • Residual solvent report

6. Find a Full-Spectrum CBD Product

Full-spectrum refers to CBD which contains all beneficial natural compounds. The compounds will work together and help increase their effectiveness.

Full-spectrum uses CBD as its primary ingredient. But CBD benefits may be increased from other cannabinoids to give its best impact. Therefore, a full spectrum is preferable and beneficial for your health.

7. Honesty and Transparency of The Brand

You have read in books that honesty is the best policy, haven’t you? It is also a pillar of a good brand. A good brand is honest and transparent to its consumers.

Honesty and Transparency of The Brand
Honesty and Transparency of The Brand

Some shady brands will exaggerate the benefits of their products. They may not mention all the ingredients of their products on their websites.

They also may use flashy marketing to attract you. If you do not follow the earlier tips, you will fall victim to their dishonesty.

8. Maximum Bioavailability of The Product

Bioavailability refers to how much CBD gets absorbed by your body. Higher availability means your body can absorb it better.

Your body can easily absorb CBD oil as CBD is more soluble in oil. But if you want CBD bath salt, bioavailability matters more. Nano CBD bath salts are more suitable for your body to absorb because the CBD particles have been broken down to, in essence, make them water-soluble. 

9. THC Content 

THC is one of the major components of cannabis plants. It has psychoactive effects that can make you high. Therefore, while buying a CBD product, read the label properly to ensure that the product does not contain more than 0.3% THC.

10. Read Reviews

It is a common practice in today’s world. You have the advantage of discussing with the people who have already used the product. You can see their feedback and reactions. Also, many companies feature customer reviews on their website. You can also find reviews on social media.

So, take some time to check these reviews. It will be helpful for you.  

11. Don’t Let The Price Scare You

First-time buyers often feel shocked to see the prices of CBD products. They ask how such a small product can be so pricey! Here are some important tips for you. Do not buy cheaper ones to save money. 

  • Hemp requires extensive manual work and inspection during the grow
  • Cannabinoid extraction and refinement is a sophisticated process requiring costly, highly calibrated machines
  • Substantial research and development go into creating superior CBD products
  • 3rd party testing is necessary but an added expense
  • CBD and hemp products are heavily taxed  

Cowgirl Soss: The Purest CBD Products

When it comes to the quality of CBD, one brand that never compromises is Cowgirl Soss. It offers you hand-crafted, all-natural CBD-infused health and lifestyle products. Because of its excellent service, the brand has earned a reputation as Colorado’s best CBD products producing company.

You can trust Cowgirl Soss as it ensures:

  • Third-party verification
  • FDA certification
  • Use of only American-grown hemp
  • Positive feedback from previous users
  • No harmful effects 


CBD has many beneficial effects on your body. Follow the tips for buying CBD products mentioned above. It will confirm that you are only purchasing the best product. If you want to lessen your hassle, try Cowgirl Soss. It guarantees 100% quality. 


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