Benefits of CBD for Pain Relief and How to Use It

Pain makes your life miserable.

Imagine you are on vacation. A long-awaited vacation. You are getting ready to go out to dinner with your loved ones. Everyone is so happy. They keep thanking you. Life is beautiful!

Then suddenly you feel an ache in your body. It’s too severe to tolerate. So, you lie down. Groaning and moaning. Your loved ones have no option but to leave you alone and carry on with dinner. What a painful life!

Is this story relatable? Tell me how many days have gone bad for you due to some stupid pain.

Well, not anymore. CBD or Cannabidiol is here. To erase the pain from both your body and life.

The benefits of CBD for pain relief have made it popular among patients. But these are not the only benefits of CBD. It has several other benefits as well.

Research has proved that CBD is very effective for both:

  • pain relief
  • and inflammatory relief.

To get the best out of CBD oil, you should learn how to use it first. Or ellse, you may not fully enjoy the benefits of CBD. So, this article is to inform you:

  • What is CBD?
  • Benefits of CBD for pain relief and others
  • How to use CBD for pain relief
  • and how you can choose the best CBD products

So, here we go then.

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What is Cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol or CBD is cannabis collected from hemp which are Sativa plants.

Did the term “sativa plant” scare you? Are you thinking of marijuana? It’s OK. Most people do that.  

But marijuana and hemp are different from each other. The major difference is the quantity of THC. THC is the property of marijuana that makes you high. THC is the major component of marijuana. 

What is Cannabidiol
What is Cannabidiol

On the other hand, hemp contains a very insignificant amount of THC. Therefore, hemp does not make you high.

You can use CBD for pain control. There are several other health benefits of CBD. You can use it to:

  • reduce inflammation
  • regulate period pain
  • control diabetes
  • fight drug addiction
  • And reduce anxiety

Benefits of CBD for Pain Relief

CBD has made life easier for many people. Consumers of CBD have reportedly been informed that they had great results. 

Benefits of CBD for Pain Relief
Benefits of CBD for Pain Relief

More research is to be conducted on CBD, but, so far CBD pain relief studies have shown great results.

Researchers are hopeful to find more health benefits of CBD. 

For now, you can use CBD for various pain relief including;

1.  Neuropathic Pain

Neuropathic pain results from damage to the nervous system:

  • Alcoholism.
  • Diabetes.
  • Facial nerve problems.
  • HIV infection or AIDS
  • Chemotherapy drugs
  • Radiation therapy

These are some of the causes of neuropathic pain. Some research has been conducted and many have agreed that CBD can help reduce neuropathic pain.

2. CBD for Arthritis Pain

Arthritis pain refers to the pain and inflammation in the joints of the body. It has some common symptoms like-

  • Pain
  • Stiffness
  • Redness
  • Swelling

If you suffer from arthritis,  CBD can be of great help. Several studies show that CBD for arthritis in seniors also works and is well tolerated. 

3. Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

It’s an autoimmune condition. It causes damage to the nerve and brain that results in pain in the whole body. MS can cause permanent deterioration of the nerves. 

MS has different symptoms in different people. But the common symptoms are:

  • Numbness or weakness in limbs. Usually in one part of a body at a time
  • Electric-shock sensations. Especially with the neck movement.
  • Shiver- without any fever.
  • Blurry or double vision
  • Slurred speech
  • Fatigue
  • dizziness etc.

Muscle spasm is one of the main causes of MS. One study shows that CBD oil can reduce spasm, hence the patient gets relief from the pain.

4. Chronic Pain

Chronic pain refers to pain that lasts for months and even years and can appear in any part of the body. 

It hampers your daily life and can occur at any time. Maybe when you are at work or at a party. 

Chronic pain is different from other types of acute pain. Acute pain shows up suddenly like when you sprain your ankle or have appendicitis. Such pain does not last long. 

On the other hand, chronic pain does not go away easily. Sometimes, there is no specific reason for this pain. 

Many studies have found that cannabis can reduce chronic pain. Also, patients do not need to increase the dose over time. So, there is no worry about getting addicted.

Chronic pain is very common among elderly people. It makes life miserable for them. Some elderly have been prescribed and use medical marijuana, which often gives them an unwelcome high that can lead to falls and injuries. So, we needed a better solution. Pain relief with no high. 

You can give oral CBD for chronic pain in the elderly. Studies have confirmed that CBD adjusts the endocannabinoid receptors in the body, reducing pain, without making them high or causing any other harm. 

5. CBD for Pain After Surgery

Surgery and painkillers are like peanut butter and jelly. One comes with the other. 

Many patients suffer unbearable post-operative pain. They are given painkillers. But these painkillers often cause side effects.

Often patients are prescribed Opioids, which can sometimes lead to addiction. Especially if they are taken for several days. Again, you cannot avoid them. Or can you?

Of course, you can. CBD for pain relief after surgery is more potent than you may think. Very good results have been reported and there is no addiction risk. Rather, you will enjoy some other benefits as well.

6. CBD for Menstrual Cramps

Women suffer from lower abdomen pain during their period. It is known as menstrual cramps. 

They suffer from this pain on a monthly basis. It hampers their social and personal life. 

CBD is very effective to reduce period pain. You can use CBD for menstrual cramps in different ways. 

To know more about CBD on menstrual cramps click here { CBD for menstrual cramps article}

How to Use CBD for Pain Relief

CBD oil provides relief without the same sort of mind-altering effects as THC. 

You can use CBD oil topically or orally.  CBD oil can be an-

  • effective 
  • all-natural, 
  • and non-addictive way 
How to Use CBD for Pain Relief
How to Use CBD for Pain Relief

to wrangle your pain. Read below on ways to use CBD for pain. 

Pro tip: You can use these methods alone or in conjunction with each other. 

1. Oral Oil or Tincture

Full Spectrum high potency CBD oil is the most recommended product for moderate discomfort. It is available in liquid form.

A tincture or oil is a highly concentrated extract of CBD. It absorbs easily and acts quickly. You can feel the action usually in 15 minutes to an hour.

You should take the oil multiple times a day for the best result. You need to test the dosing to find what is right for you. Start with a small amount and if it does not work properly, increase the dose. Everyone absorbs CBD in different measures.

To take, put and hold the oil under your tongue for 90 seconds. This is better than swallowing it right away. The CBD has to go through your digestive system which could slow down the effect.

2. Rub a Topical Oil on Your Sore Parts

You can also massage the sore area with CBD oil. This way the oil directly gets to work on the problem areas.

Some people, especially teenagers, feel uncomfortable taking a tincture orally. CBD oil massage is a good alternative for them. 

It’s a pretty simple process.

  • Rub the oil onto the sore areas
  • avoid the genitals and eyes
  • add a heating pad or ice pack

You will feel relief from the pain soon. 

3. CBD Infused Bath

As I said, pain makes your life miserable. You feel irritated and find nothing interesting. 

How about a bath? and what if I tell you the bath can reduce pain? Sounds crazy? Too good to be true? 

Actually, it is true. 

You can take a CBD-infused bath. It can  

  • reduce inflammation, 
  • soothe pain 
  • and improve blood circulation 

All these results in comfort.

Make sure the bath salts or bath bombs are made with Nano-encapsulated CBD. It is water soluble and will absorb into your skin to provide you with the relief you need.

Another great option for those who may want to avoid oral CBD oil. 

4. Lube

Pain can occur in any part of your body. But nothing is more discomforting than pain in your lady parts. If you struggle with-

  • dryness, 
  • vulvodynia, 
  • pelvic floor dysfunction, 
  • or other gynecological issues

You do not have to suffer anymore. CBD is here to rescue you. Use a high quality, high-milligram CBD-infused lube. It will:

  • reduce pelvic floor tension, 
  • increase blood flow 
  • and relieve pain from cramps or penetration. 

CBD lube has more benefits in store for you. That includes- 

  • increased sensitivity, 
  • arousal and smooth muscle relaxation 
  • stronger orgasms!  

So, CBD gives you relief from pain and makes your sex life better. What more is there to love?

Some Other Medical Benefits of CBD

Apart from giving you relief from pain and inflammation, CBD has some other benefits too:

  1. Reduces anxiety and depression. CBD calms your brain and mind and can improve your depression. 
  2. CBD can help stop or reduce PTSD nightmares. 
Some Other Medical Benefits of CBD
Some Other Medical Benefits of CBD

PTSD stands for  PTSD refers to post-traumatic stress disorder. It occurs when you experience a horrific incident. The nightmare of the event haunts you. You can use CBD in such conditions. It calms your nerves and allows you to sleep soundly.

3.  Reduce ALS Symptoms:

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS is a nervous system disease. It has the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty in walking
  • Falling and tripping
  • a weakened ankle, foot, or leg
  • Clumsiness or weakness of hands
  • Slurred speech 

Using cannabidiol can help you with this condition. 

4. Ease Diabetes Complications. 

  •   CBD reduces the impact of high glucose levels. 
  •   decreases the level of insulin resistance 

5. Many studies show that CBD can help treat opioid addiction.

6. Chemotherapy often causes some side effects. The use of CBD reduces these side effects

7. CBD can be used for epilepsy treatment.

What to Know Before Buying CBD Oil

Now you know the benefits of CBD for pain relief and you know how to use it. Let’s see how to look for CBD quality. 

What to know before buying cbd oil
What to know before buying CBD oil

CBD treatments are in high demand now. Its popularity is increasing rapidly. So, many new brands are showing up in the market. But before buying a product, you should consider many things.

 1. Always check the ingredients. Make sure that it does not have:

  •  Thickeners 
  •  Polyethylene Glycol 
  •  Parabens 

2. Source of the hemp. You must always look for companies that use USA-grown hemp.

3. Visit the websites and check which “Hemp extraction” process they use

4. Never buy a CBD product that is not third-party tested.  It is very important that a third party is testing CBD products and certifying them. 

To learn in more detail, check out How to Choose a CBD Product and Company.

Why Cowgirl Soss?

At Cowgirl Soss we understand that your daily hard work and stressors may result in the end of the day 

  • pain, 
  • discomfort, 
  • anxiety,
  • and muscle soreness. 

That’s why we created topical and ingestible CBD products for all-natural pain management. 

Cowgirl Soss™ makes some of Colorado’s best CBD oil products. This includes

CBD Soaking Salts

and CBD oil for pain and muscle soreness.  

We keep the WILD in our products by using Colorado-grown organic hemp that is 100% pure. 


You can use  CBD for pain and inflammation. The benefits of CBD for pain relief are especially remarkable. You can use it for different types of pain. 

You can use CBD in different ways. Oil (oral or massage), lube, or bath- any of these that work for you.

To be sure of the quality of the CBD product, you can trust Cowgirl Soss. We value your health and comfort. 

No more painful days for you. Each day should be full of fun. That is what Cowgirl Soss wants to ensure.



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