How to Use CBD for Menstrual Cramps: Benefits & Safety Concerns

Menstrual cramps are a common issue for women. Statistics show that about 75% of women experience cramps during their periods.

It is 2022. You don’t want to miss out on all the fun because of your period. And you shouldn’t. 

Do cramps make it difficult to work, go to school, exercise, or socialize? Do they hinder your regular life at home?

Well, there is a solution for you. CBD. Cannabidiol. 

It is not a new edge scientific revolution. CBD has been used for centuries. You can use it for many health problems and reducing period pain is one of them. 

But don’t worry. We will help you learn everything you need to know about CBD for menstrual cramps. 

From this article, you will learn everything about CBD and menstrual cramps including:

  • What is CBD?
  • What are menstrual cramps?
  • How to use CBD for menstrual cramps
  • Is it safe to use CBD?
  • Other medical and health benefits of CBD
  • Also symptoms and causes of Dysmenorrhea (menstrual cramps)

So, let’s begin.

What is Cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol or more popularly known as CBD is a chemical found in the Cannabis Sativa plant. It is also known as cannabis or hemp. 

What is Cannabidiol
What is Cannabidiol

Now there is a misconception. Many think CBD is obtained from marijuana. That is not true. CBD is collected from hemp. 

Hemp and marijuana are both Sativa plants. But there is a major difference. Marijuana has THC in a good amount. That is why it makes people high. But hemp has only a 0.3% ratio and will not get you high. 

There are many health benefits of CBD. It is becoming more and more popular now. Many states in the USA have declared it legal to use CBD as medicine any more are about to declare legalization.

One of the health benefits of CDB is it helps with Dysmenorrhea.

What is Dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrhea is a medical term that refers to painful menstrual cramps. Or in easier words, pain in the lower abdomen. Women suffer from this during their monthly period. 

What is Dysmenorrhea
What is Dysmenorrhea

Cramps usually occur a day or two before bleeding, but, sometimes, they occur when the bleeding starts. 

Causes of period pain 

Causes of menstrual cramps mainly include the tightening up of the Uterus. This happens because of prostaglandin production.  Prostaglandin is a chemical derived from arachidonic acid.

When menstruation is about to begin, prostaglandins signal the uterus to contract more strongly. It presses against surrounding blood vessels. Soon it cuts off the oxygen supply to muscle tissue. So you feel pain as the muscle shortly loses supply of oxygen.

Symptoms of Dysmenorrhea

You can have stomach aches for different reasons. So do not mix up period pain with other types of pain. Here are the symptoms of menstrual cramps:

  • You will feel throbbing in your lower abdomen. 
  • Usually starts 3 days earlier before your period
  • Sometimes the pain is not severe but continuous 
  • Often it spreads to your thighs and lower back.

How to Use CBD for Menstrual Cramps

CBD is available in many forms-

  • Tincture
  • Oils, balms, and creams
  • Capsule
  • Gummies
  • Patches

Nowadays, CBD is also available in vaping and edible spray forms. 

How to Use CBD for Menstrual Cramps
How to Use CBD for Menstrual Cramps

Check with your physician before using anything that may interfere with the current medication you are taking. Otherwise, you can choose any form of CBD you find convincing. You can use these products in a variety of ways. 

Here are 9 ways to use CBD.

1. Sublingual

One of the most common methods of taking CBD is sublingually (under the tongue.) CBD is available in tincture form, and, you can simply take it orally with a dropper. You can put some drops under your tongue with a dropper or you can add some drops to your drinks. A few drops will reduce the inflammation, the main cause of cramps.

2. Topical method

CBD is available in topical products as well.  This means balms, cream and lotions and oil. This provides relief from pain quickly and gets to work directly on the problem areas. Add a heating pad after applying the cream or oil for further relief. This is a great option for teenagers since they may feel uncomfortable taking CBD orally.

3. Swallow it

It is the easiest way. You just have to swallow pills. It is also easy to measure the dosage. There is no chance of overdose.

4. Chew it

Sweet and edible. Sounds good?  CBD gummies are comparatively new. But they are another option now available. Chew and swallow. Easy. Adjust your dose by taking more to increase the effect or cut it in half. 

5. With a Warm Bath

Take a CBD-infused bath. What does CBD do? This will-

  • reduce the inflammation
  • improve blood circulation
  • moisturize your skin
  • relax your entire body

This will help relax your entire body and your period pain should decrease. Mix some Cannabidiol oil in your bath and enjoy your warm hydrotherapy. 

Make sure the bath salts or bath bombs are made with nano-encapsulated CBD. It is water soluble and will absorb into your skin to provide the most relief. This is another great option for teenagers struggling with period discomfort.

6. As a Suppository 

What comes with the word “suppository”? Panic? Fear?

Well, not with CBD suppositories. These are small. And there is a variety of shapes too. It is available in both round and cone shapes. Choose whichever suits you.

Insert it in your vagina. It dissolves quickly and produces CBD oil that your body can absorb easily. It is super effective but can be pricey. 

7.  In a Tampon

This is another way of taking CBD directly into your body. 

We all know what tampons are but did you know you can buy tampons infused with CBD to feel relief from your period pain? When you insert it, the l cannabinoid receptors in your vagina are activated. That will reduce the inflammation that causes menstrual pain.

8. By Vaping

You can take CBD through vaping. And you may be surprised to know, you will get more benefits from CBD than other methods. Can’t believe it? 

When you inhale, the CBD does not remain in a particular body part. Rather, it reaches your whole body. So, you do not only get rid of period pain, your entire body receives the relaxing benefits of CBD. Other health benefits of CBD include:

  • relief from stress and anxiety
  • relief from headache
  • Sleep better

But make sure you are buying high-quality vapes that are verified and certified. 

9. In a Lube

This one is exciting. Why miss sex because of period pain? You don’t have to. 

You can use the oil around and inside to reduce your period pain. But there are some other benefits:

  • reduces tension in the pelvic floor
  • increases sensitivity
  • increases relaxation 
  • boosts your sex drive

So there are many ways you can use CBD for reducing menstrual cramps. Find a few that you like. You can use more than one method. 

Why Should You Use CBD?

Why Should You Use CBD
Why Should You Use CBD

1. We have been told for decades to use over-the-counter painkillers like Ibuprofen to treat painful period symptoms.  But chronic use can come with unwanted effects.

Such as: 

  • stomach ulcers, 
  • gastrointestinal bleeds, 
  • stroke, and heart attack. 

Those with certain digestive problems should avoid NSAIDS at all costs. And, NSAIDs don’t always get the job done.  

CBD does not have these side effects. Therefore, people are preferring CBD to over-the-counter pain relievers.

2. You must have been advised to eat foods rich in Omega-3 acids. Foods like-  mackerel, salmon, and cod liver oil. 

You must have also tried anti-inflammatory foods such as:

  • cherries, 
  • blueberries, 
  • squash, 
  • tomatoes, 
  • almonds, 
  • and dark leafy greens 

These foods can put a dent in menstrual discomfort. But they do not give you full relief. Besides, you don’t always have them at hand or feel like preparing food when you are suffering.

CBD may be a better alternative to omega-3 fish, anti-inflammatory foods, and NSAIDs when you are racked in bed in pain.  

3. More and more women swear by CBD to tackle period cramps. But does it work? 

Ladies are searching for all-natural, plant-based alternatives to toxic pharmaceuticals. So they are turning to CBD products and finding relief from menstrual cramps and other period-related misery.  

This all makes perfect sense. Because the human brain, pelvis, and reproductive organs are overloaded with cannabinoid receptors.

CBD Safety Concerns

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized CBD medicine derived from hemp in the US. But new users have common questions about CBD and potential side effects: 

So what are the side effects of CBD? This is a fair question because some people have already suffered side effects of using other treatments.

CBD Safety Concerns
CBD Safety Concerns

Well, there are some side effects of using CBD. But all of them are mild.

  1. When you take it by mouth

When you take an appropriate dose by mouth, your mouth may become a little dry. For dry mouth, drink more water while taking a CBD oil or pill.

  1. When you use it on the skin

There is good news for you. So far there have been no proven and known side effects of CBD when you put it on the skin. 

Other Benefits of Using CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is becoming increasingly popular. And there are many reasons for it.

1. Relief from Other Types of Pain

Research has confirmed that CBD has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects. It is effective in treating both neuropathic and chronic pain.

The hemp plant’s well-documented pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties can help with 

  • muscle tension
  • pain perception and inflammation 
  • relaxing the muscles of the pelvic region
  • help with breast tenderness 
  • headaches and lower backaches 

2. Ease Diabetes Complications

Diabetes has become a common disease worldwide. Both men and women suffer from it. However, research is showing that CBD can ease diabetes complications. 

High glucose levels are one of the main reasons that diabetes develops. CBD reduces the effects of glucose levels. 

Many researchers are thinking that CBD can be a natural treatment for diabetes. To be sure, we still need to wait. But it gives a lot of hope to everyone.

3. Treatment for Opioid Addiction

Opioid drug addiction is a serious addiction. Victims find it difficult to give up. Research is being conducted to see if CBD can help. So far researchers are getting positive responses. 

4. Reduce Anxiety and Depression

This is the most well-known benefit of CBD. It can calm your brain. You feel relaxed. But it does not make you high like THC. 

You can use CBD to help with your anxiety and depression. Check with your doctor if taking any other medications. 

Apart from these, CBD also helps alleviate 

  • ALS symptoms 
  • PTSD syndrome 
  • Epilepsy symptoms 

Where to Buy the Best CBD Product for Menstrual Cramps

CBD Products will help you to get relief from menstrual cramps. It’s very effective to get relief from menstrual cramps. That’s why If you are thinking to buy CBD products! Cowgirl Soos is available here to help you get the best CBD product for menstrual cramps.


Too many young ladies and women suffer from menstrual cramps monthly.  CBD is a good way to reduce period pain and your health standards don’t have to be put on the line to find relief. 

CBD products are super safe. Girls, ladies, and women all are using it now. They are getting relief from the awful pain of the period.

Now you know how to use CBD for menstrual cramps. Try it soon. Why bother with all the pain?

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