The Health Benefits of CBG for Depression, Anxiety & Pain

Depression is a serious disease that is widespread and more pervasive than ever due to Covid-19. It makes you feel worthless and unable to enjoy anything in life. These symptoms can lead to decreased quality of life. 

Many remedies are being used to treat depression. One such remedy is cannabidiol or CBD. In recent years, CBD has gained popularity as a health-beneficial plant-based treatment. However, cannabigerol, or CBG is not that well known.

The truth is the benefits of CBG for depression are more promising than any other cannabinoids. In this article, we will inform you about the following:

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What Is CBG Cannabinoid?

CBG, or cannabigerol, is a cannabinoid that is collected from the cannabis plant. CBG was first synthesized in 1964 but has been used for millennia. CBG is called the mother of all cannabinoids because other cannabis is made from CBGA, an acidic form of CBG.

What is CBG cannabinoid?
What is CBG cannabinoid?

CBG is much rarer compared to CBD and THC. Researchers claim that you can find only 1% CBG compared to 25% CBD and THC in cannabis plants. So you can see that CBG is comparatively rare. Nevertheless, researchers are interested in it because of the health benefits of CBG oil.

CBG for Depression

Depression has become a common health issue in modern times. It is more prominent in the West. More than 8% of American adults suffer from various stages of depression. Treating depression with natural resources like CBG can be a natural treatment for some people.

CBG for Depression
CBG for Depression

CBG increases the amount of dopamine in your brain. This results in a more satisfied and happy sensation.

CBG connects with CB1 and CB2 receptors in our body’s endocannabinoid system which are connected to depression. Using CBG can help with:

  • Good appetite
  • Sound sleep
  • Pleasurable feelings

All these help you fight depression and enjoy life like most other people.

Other Benefits of CBG

CBG can be used for various health problems. As it is the base of all cannabinoids, it has almost all the positive qualities of CBD. Here are some of the important benefits of CBG:

1. CBG for Pain Relief

CBG is one of the best natural pain relievers. How it removes pain is yet to be discovered but what we know at the moment is that CBG can cross the blood-brain barrier with ease. 

CBG is also very effective in slowing down pain signals. It reduces lipid concentration, a hormone responsible for sending inflammatory sensations to the brain.

2. CBG for Glaucoma

Glaucoma is an eye condition that refers to the damage of the optic nerve connecting the eyes to the brain. It results from excessive pressure on the optic nerves. It lowers the blood flow to the optic nerves and affects eyesight. 

The endocannabinoid system has a role in maintaining eye health. And like other cannabinoids, CBG can also affect the ECS. CBG helps you in this condition by:

  • Reducing intraocular pressure
  • Dilating blood vessels to reduce stress
  • Producing neuroprotective agents

3. CBG for Inflammation

Inflammation leads to many diseases. CBG has anti-inflammatory properties. A recent study found that CBG restricted the activity of important inflammatory markers like IL-1, IL-10, iNOS, and interferon.

4. CBG for Anxiety

Anxiety and depression are often experienced together. Though these are mental disorders, the impacts are not similar. Anxiety makes you scared, nervous, and doubt your ability. You need to treat the anxious conditions. CBG is one of the most effective natural medicines that calms your nerves and helps you gain control. 

How To Use CBG?

CBG is convenient to take. You can take it easily in several ways.

How To Use CBG?
How To Use CBG?

Here is a complete guide on how to use CBG:

1. Sublingual Administration

Sublingual administration means dripping the oil under the tongue. Take a few drops and hold under the tongue for 30-60 seconds. You can take it up to three times a day in this way.

Sublingual administration is the most effective way of taking CBG oil. Your tongue is rich in capillaries that allow penetration into the bloodstream. So, the oil can bypass the digestive tract.

You can get a faster effect in this way. No need to worry about taste buds. CBG oil comes in various flavors. A few drops of CBG oil will give excellent results.

2. Add CBG Oil to Your Food

CBG can burn fat and help you lose weight.

3. Add CBG to Your Beverage

There are some optimal-tasting CBG oils that do not influence the taste of food. Their taste is covered by other ingredients easily. You can use this advantage to mix with your drinks:

  • Add it to your cocktails and shakes
  • Hot beverages like coffee or tea
  • Or, mix it with cold drinks like juices or smoothies

4. Apply CBG Oil On The Skin

If you are suffering from pain, apply a few drops of CBG oil to the painful areas. It spreads easily on your skin and produces relief.

CBG is also available in the form of lotions and ointments. Using CBG will provide you with the following:

  • Relief from pain and inflammation
  • Relief from stiff and sore joints
  • A pleasant smell on your body

5. Inhale CBG Vape Directly

If you prefer to vape, you can use CBG oil in your vape pen. Using CBG vape is becoming more popular in the USA. It is easy and does not produce any smoke. Moreover, in this way, CBG goes directly to your lungs. From there, it can quickly pass into the bloodstream.

6. Take CBG Gummies

If you want to take CBG orally, then CBG gummies are another option. You don’t have to hold it under your tongue. Just chew and swallow like any other candy.

You should start with a small dose and increase gradually. Try to find the perfect amount for you. Different people have different levels of CBG tolerance.

Some gummies contain additional ingredients like sugar or artificial flavors. Therefore, read the label carefully and check if you are allergic to any ingredients.

What to Consider Before Buying CBG Products?

The benefits of CBG cannabinoids are attractive.

What to Consider Before Buying CBG Products?
What to Consider Before Buying CBG Products?

If you are now interested in trying it, follow our guidelines to ensure that you are buying the best CBG product:

1. Lab Reports

It is important for any cannabinoid products that the products are third-party tested. It confirms that the product is authentic and safe to use. 

2. Check Reviews

The Internet has made things easier for you. You can easily learn about any product. Do some research about the experience of the consumers of the product. 

3. Care for The Brand

The company you are choosing, does it have a good reputation? A good reputation is not made in a day. So, check the reputation of the brand. 

4. Source of The Cannabis Plants

Visit the brand’s website. Study them properly. Check what ingredients they are using as well as the sources of the ingredients. The source of cannabis plants has special significance. You should always look for American-grown cannabis plants. They ensure the best quality.

A.M Soss: The All-Natural Antidepressant

A.M. Soss is one of the best natural antidepressants available now. Cowgirl Soss, the best Cannabinoid producer in Colorado, makes the product. 

As you have read about the medical benefits of CBG, you now want to try it. But, does the purity of the product worry you? Then try our A.M. Soss. We ensure that you are getting the purest CBD and CBG possible.

Our product A.M Soss is:

  • 3rd party lab tested to confirm potency,
  • Totally free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals
  • Free of heavy metals, bacteria, fungus, and solvent residue


CBG is comparatively new to most Americans, but people are interested in it. Hence, there are some frequently asked questions regarding CBG. One or two may be popping into your mind too. You will find their answers below:

Does CBG Make You High?

CBG does not make you high. Several studies on CBG are going to learn more about cannabinoids. So far, there is no indication of an intoxicating chemical in it that can make you high.

Instead, some research suggests that CBG works against THC’s intoxicating effects.’

In short, CBG has no psychotropic effects, so it won’t make you high.

Will CBG Make You Fail A Drug Test

A big No.

Many people ask this question. They are worried whether using CBG products will make them fail a drug test. The answer is “no.” Drug tests are modified to find THC in the blood. CBG does not contain THC. So, no amount of CBG will make you fail a drug test unless the test is modified to detect CBG in your blood, which does not make sense.

Is CBG legal?


According to the 2018 farm bill, CBG produced from hemp plants are legal. Any plants with less than 0.3 percent THC are permitted in the US. And CBG passes this rule.

4. How Long Does The Impact of CBG Last?

Usually, the effect lasts 8 to 24 hours. The duration of the impact depends on:

* The amount of CBG you are consuming
* How frequently do you take it
* Your metabolism


Depression is a serious mental health issue. If you are feeling depressed, waste no more time and start treatment. Try our A.M. Soss today. The benefits of CBG for depression are proven. It will make you feel better and positive about life. Life is beautiful. Enjoy it.


We are not Medical Providers (Physicians, Psychiatrists, Nurse Practitioners, etc.). We are not providing health care, medical or nutritional therapy services, or attempting to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any physical, mental, or emotional issue, disease, or condition.



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